Centennial High School Pool Repairs In-Progress

Posted by Allison Macy-Steines on 4/28/2022 11:30:00 AM

CHS Pool ConstructionPool repairs have started at Centennial High School! These repairs include draining the main pool area and saw-cutting the shell to perform selective demolition in order to replace the pump and drain lines. The pool will receive a restored shell with a ceramic tile finish for improved water-tightness and overall extended longevity with accent colors to promote school spirit. The diving board and starting stands will be replaced with OSAA compliant equipment. 

In addition, the mechanical lines, pumps, filtration systems and mechanical room ventilation will be upgraded and/or replaced for improved water quality and safety. New LED lighting will be provided overhead and around the perimeter. The surrounding pool deck will be repaired and coated with an anti-slip coating for improved safety. Colored accent tiles for the pool perimeter have been selected and ordered. The pool is currently scheduled to be completed by early Fall. 

Thanks to the community’s support for making this possible! We are so excited for this updated space to be available for our students and the community to enjoy.