Boundary Review Overview

  • Starting this summer, Centennial School District will begin a comprehensive boundary review of school attendance areas for grades K-8 in our district. We expect this review to conclude in spring 2022 and go into effect later that fall.

    The goal of the boundary review and grade reconfiguration is to move sixth graders from the elementary schools to the middle schools, which will ensure continuity with neighboring school districts and ensure every student has what they need to learn and thrive. 

    Centennial School District currently serves approximately 6,000 K-12 students across seven K-6 grade elementary schools, one 7-8 grade middle school, and one 9-12 grade high school. The Boundary Review process will inform and support the following changes:

    • Switching from K-6 schools to six K-5 grade elementary schools and two 6-8 grade middle schools 
    • Changing Oliver Elementary to a middle school starting in the 2022–23 school year. 
    • Balancing K-5 enrollment within the physical capacity of each elementary school building

    We will keep our school communities informed and involved at key points of the boundary review process so you can understand and provide feedback on potential changes. 

    Before next spring, the Superintendent will receive proposed adjustments to our school attendance areas from a Boundary Review Committee and bring a recommendation forward to the School Board for their approval. Any changes approved would take effect during the 2022-23 school year. 

    How this will work

    Centennial School District has partnered with FLO Analytics, a local consulting company that specializes in data-driven boundary review services. Together, we plan to analyze population forecasts, enrollment projections and land use trends over the next few months. In the fall of 2021, a Boundary Review Committee will convene to analyze boundary options, receive community feedback on those options, and develop a final recommendation to the Superintendent. The Superintendent will then vet the recommendation and bring forth a proposal to the School Board for approval.

    We need to hear from you. We will share information, host community meetings and conduct surveys to ensure our families are well informed throughout the process and have multiple opportunities to engage. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive plan that promotes optimal learning environments and ensures equitable opportunities for every student we serve.

    What is Happening Now

    We are asking our communities throughout the district to share their input in a survey to help us develop guiding principles that inform the boundary review process. (Link Survey will be provided here shortly. Please check back soon.)





    Summer/Fall 2021

    • Gather community input 
    • Complete data analysis
    • Develop guiding principles 
    • Draft initial scenarios
    • Convene Boundary Review Committee

    Committee Process

    Winter 2022

    • Build committee understanding
    • Discuss and revise scenarios
    • Update and receive guidance from Board members
    • Conduct community engagement


    Spring 2022

    • Report community feedback
    • Identify final boundary recommendation
    • Board reviews and approves recommendation
    • Implement recommendation

    Questions or comments?