Monday: 8:20am-2:27pm
    Tuesday: 8:20am-2:27pm
    Wednesday (1 hr. Late Start): 9:20am-2:27pm
    Thursday: 8:20am-2:27pm
    Friday: 8:20am-2:27pm


    Arrival Times:

    Parents transporting students to school should arrive between 8:00-8:15 or on late start Wednesday 9:00-9:15. Please drop your student off at the front entrance of the school. Students arriving after 8:20, or 9:20 on late start Wednesday, must report to the office before class.


    End of Day Release:

    Parents who are picking up their child must drive in the pick up line OR park their car and pick up their child in the front of the school. We are trying to make transportation quick and easy for everyone. Children who are being picked up by daycare (van/bus) must exit through the front of the school.
    Please know that we do everything we can do to ensure your child gets home safe and correctly. 
    If there are transportation changes, you must contact the front office no later than 1:00 P.M. in order for your child to get home correctly. 


    parent with two children in a green car