• Snow Routes and Alternative Snow Route Stops
    During times of inclement weather when the district calls for snow routes there are roads and areas that are not provided school bus service.  On those days, affected families will need to choose whether to have their children attend school, provide transportation, use regular routes if running, or use an alternative bus stop if available.  This is a parental decision and should be made with care.  Parents who decide to utilize transportation on a “Snow Route” day do so with the following conditions.

    Parents should not put their children in a situation where they could be left stranded at a bus stop.

    1. Times on snow routes and alternative bus stops can vary greatly due to weather conditions, traffic delays, and bus rerouting.
    2. In a worse case situation the school bus may not be able to make it to a bus stop.  Parents should be prepared for this scenario.
    3. Alternative snow stops may not be on the same route normally used.
    4. Alternative snow stops are usually significantly further from your residence than the regular bus stop.
    5. Parents using an alternative snow stop for service to school should stay with their child at the bus stop until the bus arrives.  DO NOT leave children unattended at alternative snow stops.
    6. Parents using an alternative snow stop for service to home should be at the alternative snow bus stop prior to the bus arriving and wait until the bus arrives.


    Links Description
    Parent Information   This information in a print friendly PDF format.
    Areas Not Serviced   Listing of the streets and/or areas that do not receive or may have a reduced level of service when Centennial School District is on snow routes.  PDF format.
    FlashAlert.net   This website will give you current inclement weather information regarding school closures, late openings, or use of snow routes
    Alternate Snow Stop Options

    Snow routes for Centennial High School, Centennial Middle School, Butler Creek Elementary, Meadows Elementary, and Pleasant Valley will be posted here soon.