• Exterior Paint Complete at Parklane Elementary School

    Posted by Kassie Swenson on 1/14/2022 10:45:00 AM

    Thanks to the voters’ support of the 2020 bond, Parklane Elementary School received a fresh coat of exterior paint. Check out these photos to see the updated appearance, which was completed this Fall! Additional schools will be painted next Spring and Summer. 

    front photo of Parklane


    front of Parklane Elementary


    Photo of back exterior of Parklane

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  • Structural Rehabilitation at Pleasant Valley, thanks to State grant and bond dollars

    Posted by Kassie Swenson on 1/6/2022 4:55:00 PM
    Centennial School District was awarded a $2.5 million Oregon Seismic Improvement Grant for Pleasant Valley to rehabilitate the original structure to meet current seismic safety standards. This grant will be coupled with other masonry repair bond dollars to improve safety at the school. The design is underway, including engineer-testing of the foundation as shown in these photos. Much of the building's brick and roofing will be repaired or replaced but the architecture will largely remain the same. Construction activity will run from May through September of 2022.
    Seismic testing technicians

    seismic technician work
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  • Mechanical Repairs Underway in Centennial Schools

    Posted by Allison Macy-Steines on 11/18/2021 10:00:00 AM

    Mechanical repairs are underway across the district. Throughout the 2020 bond measure, Centennial has used local contractors to service the aging mechanical systems across the district.  

    The in-room units have been serviced at Centennial High School, Centennial Middle School, and Oliver Elementary School (soon-to-be Oliver Middle School). Additionally, all steam traps and valves have been repaired or replaced at these schools as well. These updates will help to better regulate heat throughout the rooms. 

    Repairs at the elementary schools will soon be underway.

    The mechanical repairs are expected to be completed in Fall of 2022. They will provide more comfortable spaces for our students and staff, and greater energy efficiency throughout the Centennial School District.

     mechanical bond image

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  • Bond Improvements Continue Across District

    Posted by Kassie Swenson on 11/10/2021 4:00:00 PM

    Thanks to our voters' support, some schools are receiving a fresh coat of paint! In these photos, you’ll see the brightened new appearance of Butler Creek Elementary coming along!

    Parklane Elementary School will be painted this Fall - pictures coming soon! Additional schools will be painted next Spring and Summer.

    the side of a schoolfront of school



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  • Gym Groundbreaking Video Premiere

    Posted by Kassie Swenson on 11/5/2021 2:30:00 PM

    image of students and mascot

    WATCH IT NOW: The video premiere of our gym groundbreaking, featuring our four new elementary school gyms, went live on November 4, 2021 at 5 p.m.!

    Students at these schools will benefit from dedicated spaces that help prioritize health and well-being. Stay tuned for progress updates as construction moves forward.

    View the video at www.csd28j.org/gymgroundbreaking

    Thank you to our voters' support of the 2020 bond for making these new gyms a reality!

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  • Centennial Schools Receive Site Drainage Improvements

    Posted by Kassie Swenson on 9/30/2021 4:15:00 PM

    As part of the 2020 bond, site drainage improvements are happening at schools across the district. These improvements will result in less standing water on our school playgrounds and in parking lots.

    Meadows Elementary School, Centennial Middle School, and Centennial High School have already received site drainage improvements. Flow tests are currently underway to determine if additional or larger drywells are necessary.

    Pleasant Valley Elementary will receive site drainage improvements with a storm system replacement. The work will take place in two phases this fall and the next spring.

    Next summer, we will address the needs at Powell Butte and Patrick Lynch elementary schools in conjunction with gymnasium additions and other related sitework.

    Thanks to the voters' support for these improvements and many others as part of the 2020 bond. 

    trench with site drainage materials in ground

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  • New Gym Spaces coming to four Centennial Elementary Schools

    Posted by Kassie Swenson on 9/23/2021 5:45:00 PM

    Four elementary schools will be receiving new, dedicated gym spaces, thanks to the voters' support of the 2020 bond. These schools include Meadows, Patrick Lynch, Powell Butte, and Parklane. The new gyms will include an interior corridor link to the main school building.

    We’ve recently highlighted the completed gym floor restorations at Centennial Middle School; Centennial High School; and Oliver Elementary School, which will transition to Oliver Middle School in 2022. These gyms are already providing essential spaces for our students to exercise, play, and have fun. And, we look forward to the new elementary school gyms that will offer the same benefits to our elementary students and provide them with rewarding fitness opportunities.

    In Centennial, we know that in order to prioritize education, we must also prioritize health and well-being. In fact, regular fitness can lead to better academic outcomes.

    Groundbreaking of the new gyms is scheduled to take place this fall. Stay tuned! In the meantime, we're excited to share the renderings of the new gym spaces and we will continue to provide progress updates along the way.

    Once again, thank you to our voters! The funds from the 2020 bond made these projects and so many others possible.

    image of new gym

     Rendering of Meadows Elementary's new gym

    photo of new gym

      Rendering of Parklane Elementary's new gym

    photo of new gym

      Rendering of Patrick Lynch Elementary's new gym

    photo of new gym

      Rendering of Powell Butte Elementary's new gym

    inside of new gym

     Rendering of interior gym space

    hallway and locker room area

    Rendering of interior gym space

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  • Bond Oversight Committee Tour Schools to See Bond Progress

    Posted by Kassie Swenson on 9/17/2021 5:25:00 PM

    On Thursday, the Bond Oversight Committee met and toured various school sites to see many improvements made on bond projects over the summer. The tour began at Oliver Elementary School where members were provided comprehensive updates on extensive work done on the track and gym floors, roofs, outdoor soffit work at the front entrance, heating system repairs. They walked hallways to see flooring and interior wall updates. The next stop was Centennial Middle School where members learned about roofing repairs, explored flooring and interior wall updates, and viewed the new track and gym floors. Centennial High School was the last stop where members viewed tennis court and field improvements, heard about roofing updates, and walked the new gym floor with the new Eagles logo. We appreciate our committee members for their time and contribution to this important aspect of our 2020 bond projects! To learn more about the role of the Bond Oversight Committee, visit: https://bit.ly/3nKu3hx.  

    picture of committee members standing on gym floor

    image of committee members standing in front of Oliver Schoolcommittee members in Oliver school gym

    committee members in Oliver entrancecommittee members in Oliver entrance

    committee members in front of Centennial Middle Schoolcommittee members standing in school entrance

    Centennial Middle School gym

    committee members at CMS trackcommittee members at Oliver track



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  • Centennial Middle School starts the school year showcasing multiple improvements

    Posted by Kassie Swenson on 9/9/2021

    This week we’ve started to welcome students back into our classrooms. Our latest bond project spotlight is Centennial Middle School (CMS) where many improvements were made over the summer, thanks to voters’ support of the 2020 bond.

    Recently completed projects at CMS include roofing repairs, corridor updates, floor tile removal and the polishing of concrete floors, new paint on upper walls and doors, new wainscot, ceiling repairs, walk off mat installations, and mechanical improvements. All three gym floors were completely stripped, sanded, sealed, and striped due to their age.

    Due to deterioration that comes with age, the track and field event pads were removed down to asphalt and replaced with modern cushioned rubber surfacing, with striping completed last Spring. It is a full 8-lane track. Field event areas were also resurfaced. Storm drainage was also improved around the track and at the center of the field to minimize standing water.

    Over the next year, CMS will also receive science lab and media center renovations, locker room updates, improved safety and security, and more mechanical and lighting enhancements.

    These bond projects are creating much-needed improvements at our schools, which allows us to continue prioritizing the education, safety, and well-being of our students. It’s so heartening to see transformation take place across the district. Thanks again, voters, for making this possible for our school district and most importantly, for our students!


    photo of entry of Centennial Middle Schoolhallway photo

    photo of roofphoto of roofphoto of gymphoto of gymbefore and after photo of gym

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  • Oliver receives updates with 2020 bond funds

    Posted by Allison Macy-Steines on 9/2/2021 10:00:00 AM

    As we get ready to have students back in school, change and much-needed improvements are taking place at each of our school locations, district-wide. This week, we are excited to highlight the recent updates at Oliver Elementary School as part of the $65 million bond passed by voters in 2020. As communicated previously, Oliver Elementary will be converting into a middle school starting in Fall 2022.

    Oliver has received a stabilized, resurfaced, and newly striped track. The field event areas have also been resurfaced. Storm drainage has been improved around the track and in the center field to minimize standing water, and irrigation was added in the center of the field to improve playability and maintenance.  

    The roofing work at Oliver is complete. Floor tiling was removed, concrete floors polished, and wall coverings in all corridors were updated; ceilings were repaired; recessed walk off-mats were installed at each entry; and a welcome sign was stained into the lobby floor to greet staff, students, and parents.

    In addition, the upper gym floor was completely stripped, sanded, sealed, and striped, and will be open for use for the first day of school. And, mechanical improvements have been underway to better control heat distribution throughout the school.

    Oliver will also receive science lab renovations, media center renovations, and new career technical improvements over the next 12 months, as part of Oliver’s conversion from an elementary to middle school.

    The school will also benefit from safety and security updates, further mechanical repairs, lighting repairs, solar paneling, and paved parking in the coming year.

    Thank you, voters, for supporting the 2020 bond that’s resulting in much needed improvements to our school buildings. Visit www.csd28j.org/2020bondupdates to continue along with progress and bond project updates.

    trackoliver roofoliver track 2floor matgym stripehallwaywelcome signsignoliver




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