Centennial Transition Center

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  • The Centennial Transition Center (CTC) serves students with IEPs who graduate with alternate diplomas.  The purpose of the program is to support young adults in their transition to life after high school.  Our Key focus is ot help young adults build independence and quality of life with an emphasis on preparing students for independent living, employment and linking them to appropriate community and adult services. 

    The Centennial Transition Center (CTC) provides access to 990 hours of instruction and transition services per year to all students.  The 990 hours may include part-time work or other classes or activities in the community that are part of the students transition plan and are monitored and overseen by CTC staff.  A student's IEP team may decide that it is not appropriate to access 990 hours of instruction and transition services per year.

    The general right to access a full time program at CTC continues until students age out of the program at the end of the school year when they turn 21 years old.  However, it is expected that some CTC students will participate in fewer hours over time with increased independence and participation in paid or volunteer work or other adult activities.  Others may begin CTC at a more independent level and combine CTC with work or other education opportunities from the beginning.

    Students who enroll with CTC work with a learning specialist, educational assistants and other adults in the community.  Instruction focuses on increasing independence for adult living, learning how to access the community, and job readiness skills.  It may also focus on increasing literacy and math skills in practical, adult applications for students who seek to improve their skills in these areas.  A Youth Transition Program (YTP) specialist also works with some CTC students to support them in developing job readiness ofr employment in accordance with IEP and transition goals.



    To promote independence, inclusion, and dignity for every student by empowering and motivating them to realize

    their capabilities and potential through academics, work experience and community access.


    ADDRESS: 2632 SE 162nd Ave, Portland OR  97236

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  • The major hospital systems in our area would like to invite students ages 12 and above, as well as their family members, to get vaccinated against COVID-19 free of charge! To assist in that effort, Centennial will be providing bus service to the Oregon Convention Center from Centennial High School and Centennial Middle School on Wednesday, May 19, 2021 and Wednesday, May 26, 2021. Vaccinations will be administered at the Oregon Convention Center. If your student aged 12 and above has not yet been vaccinated, we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

    Please click here to visit our main website for more information about the vaccine, including transportation details!